All information on „Lehrte is(s)t multikulturell“

The countdown is running. In only a few days, on 31.08.2019 from 1pm to 6pm we celebrate a colorful party on the Rathausplatz in Lehrte. Over the past few weeks, we have gradually published our hands-on offers, the show program, our highlights and a few information on the catering in German. For all of you who like to have all the information in English and in one post – this one is for you! FYI: All the links are in German and I am not a native English speaker , please be too strictly. If you have any question send us as message 🙂

The versatile hands-on offers

Children, teenagers and young people can collect stamps at different stations to later decorate and take home one of 150 free backpacks. Only quizzes and / or tasks at six out of eight stations need to be done.

The stations for the „stamp hunting“ are composed of the offers of the participating organizations. Those who participate exactly, can be read here. In short: There is a bouncy castle and goal wall shooting, a hobby horse course, a vaulting buck, chess, point-of-shoot, billiard soccer, hot can and henna tattoos. In addition to the creative work on the backpacks there is a craft station and there will also be a graffiti workshop.

The show programm

For the day we booked a couple of show acts. There will be music from the band Escalution, they write their own German and English songs, and Lydia Siemke. Furthermore Tobias Kunze, a slam poet, rapper and author from Hanover, will perform. More information can be found under Highlights.

The program also includes the children’s and youth dance group of the Kurdish Cultural Association Azadi and the dancers of the Lehrter Sportverein. Including the jumpers, who knocked us off our stool last year on our 40th anniversary. In addition, dancers of the dance group „Dolls“ from Hannover will perform. There will also be performances by Ramhorster Pferdefreunde, the TAEKWONDO group of Postsportverein Rot-Gold Lehrte and Mu-Do-Kwan.

We look forward to a peaceful event and a great time.

Our supporters

The project is being funded by the Lower Saxon Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equal Opportunities as part of the Generationhochdrei funding program. We receive further support from best labels, Stadtwerke Lehrte, Lehrter Wohnungsbau, megafoto, Stichweh Textilreinigung & Änderungsschneiderei, Tanzschule Jegella, Edeka Hohlfeldt, Volksbank Lehrte und Hellmich Recycling. Thank you very much!